Aboard the Crystal Ship!

Writer Ruhuyu's RPer Masterpost
Hashtag: RuhuyuMun
Faceclaim: Ruhuyu from Show by Rock!!


A lot will be on-point, so PLEASE to make sure to follow safety first before RPing!


A list of accounts and other roles that are active and can find me!


Quick info about "Writer-San"!!


General RP Rules

Not much to say, but please respect my personal space when I need it.Never pressure me to reply to a RP. I reply at my own time. (This same goes for Group RPs on Discord.)I have a life too, so do take in mind.No homophobic, racist, or other case-sensitive slurs. No respect to my space or my neutrals will result in a block and/or report!⚠️NO MAPS (Minor-Attracted People... Eww.) ALLOWED.⚠️
🔞(R-18/adults-only) RP Rules
A ⚠️icon on Twitter name strictly means that the content will contain suggestive themes like intense violence, potential death mention, and anything that is close to a Rated R (movie rating) or Rated M (game rating). This does NOT mean it will be open for adults-only RP, but you can kindly DM on that specific account for additional info!Minors, please DO NOT INTERACT (DNI) (follow, Likes, RTs) my accounts if you see this 🔞 icon on my name and descriptions! You will be blocked!⚠️ABSOLUTELY NO MAPS AT ALL PLEASE.⚠️ You will be blocked and/or reported!!!Optional but: PLEASE reveal your writer's age!! It might save yourself AND myself! (Estimates are fine too if shy to expose actual age.) Yes. I can imagine some idiots will fake age just to interact.As a personal choice, I do not wish to engage with discourse online.Please note all my warnings and take them seriously.If you do not like something in my feed, art, RTs, and anything involving interacting with my neutrals online, remember that you are under no obligation to continue interacting! (Block me if you please!)If you know that you should not be "interacting" (Likes, RTs, etc.), please practice self-regulation and be aware that you are in control and responsible of your own choice of content consumption.
Last four rules above is copied and tampered thanks to a certain rat princess. You are a inspiration for safety for adults-only safe spaces.

RP Code
"Quotes" and descriptive fiction looking prompts on Twitter Log (TL) means that I am speaking as the character."//" before a series of text on my TL means that I am speaking as the Writer-san/Ruhuyu-Mun.Without them and am talking to non-RPers like VTubers, friends, etc. means that I AM NOT RPING WITH YOU AT ALL. Be ware of these signals!


Discord RPs

You will have to DM me on specific servers and mainly prefer in a server with a collective of people with the same interesting of RPing me-the-writer. Most of my RP suggestions are Show by Rock characters.

To find me on Discord... Good luck finding it. (Hint: Its in one of the "more than one" acounts...)

General/SFW Accounts

Delmin (devilmintpop)SHU⭐️ZO (Trichornica)13/E-Me (OceanoSynthwave)Titan (MelodicConfect)Nia (PopnMusicNia)Jade ⚠️ (PopnMusicJade)Rosia (AniRP)
🔞/R-18/Adults-Only Accounts
PLEASE read the rules before following/interacting with these accounts, or you will be blocked on ALL accounts!

Reppanyo (CorruptCoredust)Rikao @RP Tavern659 (RocokuSyndrome)Dark howan (YELLANDRESPOND)Chuchu (HONEYANDDARKNESS)SHU⭐️ZO (RPTavern)


Writer-San as a name is okay! If you need to address a name, Ruhuyu (Mun) is fine!I do not own any of the characters and faceclaim unless stated!They/Them or She/HerEarly 30s.GenderfluidPansexualDemiromantic, but might lean towards aromantic. Undecided but romantic themes TOWARDS ME do make me iffy sometimes.Maybe Yume?Form is a rodent species, specifically a fantasy cyborg feline-mouse with interchangeable kemonomimi and tail. I wish to not share my 'Sona, until maybe a certain mileage (on my adults-only safe space Twitter) due to the nature I may have accidentally reveal her in a SFW-space.Simply likes cute things and rhythm arcade/console/mobile games.For the 🔞 data-sheet, please check one of my adults-only Twitter account for the "interests list".If you wish to converse with me outside of Twitter or other RP-spaces, then please DM me! Only neutrals!!